How to Throw an Awesome Christmas Event?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for people to come together. No matter what size of event you are throwing, big or small, here are some tips to help you throw the best Christmas event you can.

Small Events

Small events can be an opportunity to have big fun. If you are hosting a dinner party at your house invite guests that will get along well together, or already know each other. This way you can keep introductions to a minimum and avoid awkward silences.

Remember to add some festive cheer, but not too much. Too many decorations or themes will feel overwhelming. Try using plain holiday colors instead of too many graphics, like red, green, blue, white, silver, or gold. Try to have as much food and decoration prep done before the day of the event, so you can have some you time, and enjoy the party as well.

Medium Events

When it’s time to ramp up your game and you plan to have a medium sized event, lists are a great way to stay organized and avoid forgetting details. If you are planning an office Christmas party, see if there are coworkers interested in helping so you don’t have to do all of the work yourself.

A fun idea is to set a dress code like ugly sweaters or silly hats. This will give the attendees a sense of community and plenty of conversation starters. You will want to be sure that you don’t run out of food, or serving ware, so keep extra supplies on-hand. Instrumental holiday music without lyrics is best to promote conversations. If you have a large crowd you can find plastic stanchions for sale to help direct traffic in larger spaces so guests don’t get lost or wander.

Large Events

If you want to go big you can throw an event that the whole community will enjoy. Ideally you will want 4-6 months to begin your planning. Set a goal, why you are throwing the event, what you hope the end result will be, etc. This will help you and your team stay on-task with the vision.

You will want to delegate leaders for areas like entertainment, venue, publicity, etc. Finding plastic stanchions for sale can help you keep guests organized if you need to have lines for different stations or the entrance. Be sure to work with your city and have emergency plans prepared.

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