Marketing in Airports and on Planes

Advertising in airports and on airplanes is an effective means of reaching millions of people and not blowing your budget. You have a captive audience. The flight passengers aren’t going anywhere. American Airlines inflight entertainment is usually free. As passengers sit back and enjoy a movie, you get a chance to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Traveling to the Airport

Consider investing in a billboard or display near an airport. Tourists are looking for places to stay and sites to visit. Taxis and shuttles can pick up business by putting ads in the right places.

Passengers at the Airport

You can direct your marketing to passengers once they reach the airport. Place your banners and digital advertisements in strategic places—near the baggage area, by flight information, near popular stores or restaurants, or in restrooms. Whether a passenger is walking through the airport, standing on an escalator, or riding a shuttle, his or her attention is drawn to bright displays.

Movies and Television Shows

With a screen right in their faces, passengers can’t miss your advertisement. They can’t fast forward through it or mute it. Your short pre-roll video may strike a chord with a busy executive who rarely pays attention to commercials. Roadblock advertising, where a company buys all the airtime during a show, is a great way to use American Airlines advertising to roll out a new product.

Wi-Fi Onboard

On some flights, you can watch movies and television shows on your own device. Wi-Fi portals allow passengers to play games, text, or live-stream television. You can advertise on these portals and drive potential buyers to your website.


Older passengers may prefer print to digital advertising. Magazines are right there in the seat pocket in front of the passenger. A passenger may skim the magazine for an interesting article or to get information on a particular city.

Narrowing Your Audience

You can target your marketing to a particular group, such as executives. Educated and affluent individuals comprise a big chunk of passengers on international flights. You may limit your marketing to passengers in certain sections, such as the first-class section.

Smart Advertising

Be smart in your marketing. Don’t run the same video clip during all American Airlines inflight entertainment. You’re hitting the same audience, and they may start tuning you out. Change your message, use new graphics, and take new approaches. If you’re on a tight budget, limit your marketing to the holiday season. You reach more passengers in a shorter period. You get your message in front of people who don’t travel very often.

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