Portable Gas Detectors Can Keep Your Employees Safe

Manufacturing plants have always provided hazards to those who work in them, but these days, airborne carcinogens are on a level with physical injury as a cause of employee disability and workmen’s compensation. Luckily, there are systems in place in most plants that can be used to detect higher-than-acceptable levels of exposure.

If you work in a production plant in the oil and gas industry, a wastewater treatment facility or any plant that manufactures polyurethane foam or chemicals, you need to make certain your company has an on-site portable gas detector system. Not only employees, but the surrounding neighborhoods need to be kept safe from dangerous airborne pollutants, and a global gas detection system is the only reliable answer to provide top of the line safety which is needed in these industries. This measure is needed to provide peace of mind to employees and neighbors, but also to the owners of these companies, who can face litigation if they don’t exercise the utmost precautions when searching for a portable gas detector for sale.

Who’s Most at Risk

Anyone inhaling the air from these facilities, be it workers or neighbors, can be exposed to the gases created in the workplace. This can cause immediate health issues and long-term health problems. Portable gas detection monitors are designed to help keep employees safe and healthy while also offering a level of protection to the company who can avoid litigation if they can prove the proper detectors are in place and working. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists has set the limits of acceptable exposure to humans and all companies must comply or face harsh penalties. A gas detection monitor system is the only way a company can stay ahead of the curve and can give employees and the surrounding neighborhoods peace of mind.

What to Consider When Buying a Unit

Portable gas detection systems are not cheap. Depending on your company’s needs, the price can escalate to $7,000 and beyond. So, look to purchase a unit from a company who doesn’t just sell the product, but who can service the unit and handle any emergency repairs. You also want to find a company who can help with the design of the unit, install the product and field-train your employees on the proper care and maintenance of the unit. These are all things to consider when searching for a portable gas detector for sale.

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