December, 2018

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3 Ways to Use Stanchion Ropes

Ropes are used for a variety of purposes, such as tying down or hanging objects and event management. A stanchion is an upright post with a retractable belt which can be on the rope itself or on the post. When most people think of these ropes being used, they think of red velvet that commonly make appearances at highly-visible events. However, there are a variety of ways these ropes can be used every day. Here are three ways stanchion ropes can be used for your event.

Retail Crowd Control

Without a way to control the crowds at a register, a store can fall into chaos. It’s imperative to know who was first in line or people will inevitably cut in front of others, creating confusion and unrest. The cashier will be unable to control the situation if they too don’t know who was in line first. Even if there is peace among the customers, it will take much longer to check them out as the group must decide who is next. Crowd control ropes will allow for the customers to line up in order, avoiding such a problem. Additionally, these ropes will allow a store to place last-minute items up front where they may be able to make additional sales.

VIP Area

Whether it’s a club, a restaurant, or an event, there may be certain people that need to be placed in certain areas. VIP ropes can be used in a variety of ways to cordon off areas that are reserved for specific people. If you are hosting an event but don’t have an extra room to place the guest of honor or performer, you can cordon off an area with VIP ropes, providing them with an area to prepare. These ropes can even be used in parking areas. If you have valet parking, they can separate that area from self-parking. You can be assured that a parking spot reserved for a specific person will not be accidentally taken.

Create Space

There are certain times that extra space needs to be reserved for some reason. If someone is performing at ground level, it’s difficult to tell where the performance will take place. Ropes will allow for that area to be cordoned off so people will know where to gather. In other situations, such as filming, passersby may not know that the area is in use and could walk through the set. These ropes will alert people that the area needs to be clear.

There may be times where you need to seal off a certain area for a variety of reasons. Stanchion ropes are specifically designed for this purpose. These are three ways these ropes can be used to help with everyday events.

Fashionable Attire Shouldn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

We’ve all experienced the dilemma of wanting to look good while still having money left over for other things, like rent and food. Not to mention, to have enough money to be able to wear those fashionable clothes to parties and events. Today, there are a variety of ways to shop–you can go to a retail store and browse the sale racks, try an upscale consignment shop to find those elusive bargains, or you can shop from home while wearing your pajamas via the internet. If you elect the last option, there are conveniences and drawbacks. While it’s nice to be able to browse and buy from the comfort of home, you can get lost on the internet while searching for companies that offer all of what you’re looking for. Your time is too valuable to waste hours searching for what you want. Why not search for a site that offers one-stop shopping? Better yet, one that offers a bit of a discount? All you need do is to cash in the Pink Lily Boutique coupon and you’re on your way to savings.

Why Pink Lily?

If you’re looking for classic, timeless clothing with a modern twist, Pink Lily is one of the websites to consider. There’s a Southern belle in all of us, just waiting to emerge with the right clothes. You want to spend your clothing budget wisely, that that means not falling for what’s hot right now. You want to buy sensible, yet fun, clothing that can work hard for a number of years, giving you the timeless look you need for work and play. You don’t want, or need, to spend a fortune to get good quality clothing. The Pink Lily line runs the gamut from accessories to dresses, seasonal and swim wear, stylish maternity clothing, kids wear, plus-sizes and footwear. All in one website, and all for $10 to $60! This high quality clothing and accessory line is mostly made in the United States, and in most cases, comes with a coupon discount. Custom monogramming is also available to personalize your clothing and accessories, for a truly Southern look.

What Else is There?

In addition to one-stop shopping, high quality merchandise, and USA made products, Pink Lily also makes it easy to complete your transactions by using PayPal to purchase your goods. Also, shipping costs are reasonable and in some cases, you can further discount your order by applying a Pink Lily Boutique coupon.

3 Facts About Your Transmission Warning Light

One of the most dreaded occurrences for any vehicle owner is the check engine light coming on. Sometimes this could be caused by an easy fix, such as an oil change, but it could be something much more serious, such as a failing transmission. Regardless of why a warning light on your dashboard may have come on, it’s important to seek attention as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Here are three important facts to know about a warning light when you visit a repair shop transmission consultant.

The Light

Just because the light that comes on isn’t a transmission-specific light doesn’t mean it’s not warning you of transmission trouble. Rather than having a light specific to a transmission, which may rarely be illuminated, some vehicles may use an existing light. This could be a warning light that may also signify overdrive, service, or traction control. The owner’s manual will tell you what warning lights may become illuminated and which light will illuminate should you encounter transmission problems.

Problem or Reminder

If the light connected to your transmission becomes illuminated, you might immediately fear that your transmission is failing. However, there may not be a problem with your transmission at all. Sometimes a light will illuminate as a reminder that you need to have your transmission fluid changed. While this may be the case, there is still a chance that the light is signifying that there is a problem with your transmission. Either way, it’s a good idea to seek attention for your engine as soon as possible to ensure no further problems occur.

Most Common Problem

The most common problem that may cause the transmission light on your dashboard to illuminate is that you need to check the transmission fluid levels. Transmission fluid is a very important part of your vehicle as it lubricates the transmission and allows the components to move seamlessly. If low transmission fluid levels occur, the result could be overheating and friction of the metal parts of the transmission. A common way that you can tell the transmission fluid is low is that it may slip, meaning your car will change gears without any direction from the driver or car computer.

A warning light illuminating from your dashboard terrifies many drivers. This could be the result of various problems or reminders. Depending on your vehicle, this could signify that your transmission requires immediate attention. In this case, you’ll want to visit your local repair shop transmission consultant to diagnose the reason for the light.

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Management Consultant

Taking advantage of the best management consulting company available can be a huge benefit for your company. This professional and outside opinion can be used to review progress, explore new business options, and plan for the future. When you work with a management consulting company, there are some crucial questions you should be asking. The answers and insight from these questions can help all aspects of a business, even much beyond just the management team. Here are three questions you should consider asking at your next meeting.

How Do We Expand on Our Success?

It’s important to recognize the successes you have in your company throughout the year. Perhaps you had record sales this year, hired a few outstanding new employees, or opened a new branch in an untapped market. You can discuss with your management consultant how to build on these successes. Continued success and ongoing growth come from maintaining success and knowing how to expand it into other areas of your business.

What Could We Do Differently?

Areas of your business that aren’t working or could be doing better, may benefit from a change. With experience helping management professionals in all industries and companies, a top management consulting company can provide valuable insight. They may be able to offer suggestions for changes in staffing, standard operating procedure, and more. Think about two or three pieces of your business that just aren’t functioning how they should. Ask your consultant for recommendations specific to these scenarios for tangible, actionable advice.

What Upcoming Business Trends Should Be on Our Radar?

As a business owner or member of management, it’s crucial to know what may be coming up in the future. While no one can predict the future, there are signs and trends to keep in mind. A qualified management consultant should know market trends, opportunities, and potential problems that you should be aware of for your company. From there, you can create a better strategy for the upcoming quarter, year, or years.

For the overall betterment of your company, look to work with a professional from the best management consulting company. This person will be able to answer these questions, and any others you may have. Discussing the questions and answers together can really benefit an entire company. Having the right conversations within management can secure a vision for the future and a plan for each and every day.

5 Reasons Why Your Transmission May Be Slipping

The transmission is one of the most important parts of a car as it provides the power to move the car and change speeds. A properly working transmission should stay in its gear until it has been shifted into another gear. This shifting is done by the driver if it’s a manual and by the car’s computer if it’s an automatic. If the transmission is not shifting properly due to some malfunction, it may change gears or slip into neutral unprompted. Here are five problems that could require a car transmission repair in Melbourne, FL.

Low Transmission Fluid Levels

The most common reason why a transmission may be slipping is that it is experiencing a low level of transmission fluid. This fluid acts as a lubricant for the different parts of the transmission, allowing them to move as needed. If this fluid is too low, the parts may not move as directed, with slipping being a common result.

Clutch Issues

An automatic transmission uses clutch plates which are located in the transmission as well as the torque converter. If the transmission fluid is dirty or there is a lack of fluid, it can cause the clutch plates to become worn or burnt earlier than they should. This can cause the transmission to change into other gears without being directed to do so.

Worn Gears

In order for gears to work properly, they must link together in a specific way. If those gears are worn or frayed, they will fail to do so which can cause them to slip. This could be due to usual wear and tear, which happens over time, or malfunctioning gears.

Transmission Band Issues

While gears are built to fit together, transmission bands are what link the gears to an automatic transmission. Whether these bands become worn or broken due to normal wear and tear or are defective, they will either need to be replaced or adjusted in order to stop the transmission from slipping.

Torque Converter

The purpose of a torque converter is to turn the engine’s power into torque for the transmission. Transmission fluid is meant to flow through the torque converter in support of this process. Without this fluid flowing to help create torque, the transmission could slip into other gears.

The transmission is an essential part of a car’s engine as it provides torque, allowing the car to change gears and increase speed. Problems stemming from a lack of transmission fluid or worn gears could result in gear slippage, forcing a car transmission repair in Melbourne, FL.

Top Advantages of Using Postcards in Marketing

You could be wondering why you should use postcards and not the other marketing tools that are in the market. Some people will tell you that posting your adverts in the local newspaper is the best option.

However, if marketing in the papers seems to be productive, you can continue using the approach for your business. The challenge with small enterprises is that they don’t have sufficient funds for experimentation in marketing. The good thing with postcards is that they are affordable even for the smallest businesses in the market.

When you use postcards for marketing, you will keep the competition in the dark. However, your competitors will always be in the know when you publish your adverts in the newspaper. You can also track your results with a lot of ease when you use seed postcards. You can tell your recipients to bring the cards into your store to get a special discount. The card can also request your target audience to utilize a special ordering when buying products from your website.

The other advantage of postcards is that they are versatile. You can look for business from prospective customers in a single mailing and solicit for repeat business from your current clients. Besides, a postcard is not just something that you send through your email. You can use these cards as oversize business cards, mini information sheets, or product hang tags.

The postcards can brand your business and you in ways that most of the marketing materials cannot achieve. If you begin and stick to a steady postcard mailing program, your business and you will attract a quite reputation and even some kind of fame.

The process of printing postcards is a simple one. All you need to do is to send your cards to a small group of individuals and see their response. If you find the results to be satisfying, you can think about rolling out a more significant mailing. Postcards are also time savers. The target audience will not have to open an envelope for them to read your message. According to the Postal Service studies of the United States, people averagely read 14 percent of the letters. On the contrary, the read-through ration of postcards is 94 percent.

Postcards will not occupy a lot of your space. Your clients can carry them in their pocketbooks or pockets, or create postcard displays on the doors of their refrigerators. It is also affordable to print postcards. You can also redeem cards with a lot of ease. If you request clients to bring the postcards in your store for discount redemption, all they need to do is showing up with the card. You can also include a unique tracking code with all your card mailings. Just request the recipients to enter the code in the order form on your site or give it to operators once they place a telephone order.

The idea behind bringing a card for discounts or using a code to get an extra 10 percent off is to give your audience an incentive of doing business with your brand. In summary, it is fun to create beautiful postcards and send them out to an audience that is appreciative. It is one of the best ways to help your business to grow.

How to Manage Reputational Risk?

Many businesses are organizations prepare themselves for various types of hazardous situations like operational risk, credit risk, technology risk, market risk, model risk, etc. From fraud operations to insurance claims, preparation is essential to securing the least number of pitfalls as possible. But how often do businesses account for reputational risk? The public’s perception of your organization matters.

While you want to protect your tangible assets, it’s the intangible one that acts as a critical determinant of future business prospects. The collection of public opinions and perceptions about your organization, both past and present, results in your reputation. Residing in the consciousness of the stakeholders in your organization, you measure these opinions with significant consideration. If a poor reputation results in loss of sales, consider hiring a third party vendor risk management program.

Manage Crisis Communications

It’s impossible to avoid incidents that test your reputation. But before they occur, you should have a plan in place that maintains communication with internal and external stakeholders alike. Effective crisis communication will help you mitigate reputational risk. And being effective means having a strong understanding of your audience when communicating to a broad group of people, including non-customers. It also means preserving clear, concise, and consistent communications to prevent misunderstandings and harsh criticisms.

Train and Prepare

Preparation for these situations requires constant communication and a deep understanding of possible circumstances and how to approach them. Plan accordingly by encompassing all aspects of business continuity, with 3rd party vendor risk management liaising with internal public affairs to generate predetermined responses. Manage stakeholder communications, discover the sources with root cause analysis, and treat risk events through consolidated public statements with documented action plans.

Assume Ownership

With crisis communications in place and departments trained to manage related risks, you shouldn’t neglect the most valuable aspect of risk management: public opinion. The public will have a hard time accepting statements if you can’t own up to the incident and acknowledge responsibility. While you’re under no obligation to publicly report internal problems, keeping stakeholders and regulatory bodies informed by disclosing reports of internal issues shows you’re taking a proactive approach and assuming ownership of respectable management.

When you act in good faith by showing transparency, it reflects sound business judgment. You’re prone to more public scrutiny if you behave otherwise. When trouble arises, investigate. Respond to allegations and devise a solution to handle issues before they become overwhelming. Own the crisis to manage it effectively instead of letting the media, public, or regulatory bodies do it for you.

You might have more success by consulting with an outside source to undergo a third party vendor risk management program to help prepare.

The 3 R’s of Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

When it comes to purchasing a car, there’s so much to keep in mind, from price and quality to protection and gas mileage. As part of your car buying experience, you’ll need to look into the best extended vehicle protection plan. To help you with your search, you should always remember these three R’s.


Essentially, BMW extended vehicle protection plans are designed to safeguard you and your wallet against unexpected trouble. If you buy a car and it requires repairs and lots of work within just a few years, you don’t want to be left to pick up the pieces and pay a big out-of-pocket price tag. That’s why you need a protection plan in place to have safety and security on your side. This way, in the unfortunate event of car trouble, you can rely on the best extended vehicle protection plan to come in and save the day. It’s so much better to have these protection plans to back you up, rather than find yourself stuck in a difficult situation with big bills hanging over your head.


Owning a car, van or truck is a big deal. You need your vehicle to get you where you need to go, when you need to go there. In order to make that happen, you require a protection plan that covers all the bases, including those frustrating manufacturer issues that sometimes happen. To get a better understanding of what any potential protection plan offers, you should read customer reviews and pay special attention to any notes on how helpful and responsive the warranty provider is. If they seem responsible and easy to work with, according to former drivers who have had these plans in the past, then it may be a good choice for you.


The final “R” you must never forget is reasonable, because that’s exactly what your vehicle protection plan should be. You need a plan that is sensible and rational, with terms and details that you can understand. Of course, another huge factor is the price. You don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a protection plan that’s meant to save you funds rather than waste them. By doing your research and going with the most professional and reputable company around, you can be completely satisfied with the best extended vehicle protection plan.

Thriving in the Gig Economy

The idea of a job with regular hours and a decades-long career path is now a fantasy. Increasingly, young adults find themselves stringing together several freelance or independent contractor jobs to make ends meet. Many of them are branching out from services like Lyft, Postmates, or Task Rabbit into creating their own businesses.

An ever-growing segment of the work force is moving into working for themselves. They are taking advantage of a number of resources, from website building services to business growth consultant services. With some estimates putting the number of self-employed Americans at close to 42 million by 2020, it is even more important for budding entrepreneurs to learn to thrive.

Here are some tips from experts on how to thrive as an entrepreneur.

 Get Cozy with Risk

Any new endeavor has a certain amount of risk attached to it. Even a million dollar idea comes with the potential to fall flat. The most successful people are often the ones who have a clear understanding of risks and move ahead anyway.

 Cut Your Costs

The most successful business owners often spent the first couple of years living a bare bones existence. Some of them were even homeless for a period of time. In the first year of a new business, especially, experts recommend cultivating a lean lifestyle.

 Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

If an entrepreneur is unable to articulate the goals of the business, that business of much more likely to fail. Successful people can easily and clearly explain what they are trying to accomplish and make decisions based on that goal.

Believe in It

This may seem obvious. Why would anyone start a business if they didn’t believe in it? Being an entrepreneur will require a commitment of time, will, and effort unlike anything else. Without an unshakeable belief in the goals of the business, the commitment will dwindle and the business will fail.

 Keep Body, Mind, and Spirit Together

Schedule break time for yourself, and make a commitment to regular, healthy diet, sleep, and exercise. An entrepreneur may have the best idea and infectious enthusiasm, but without taking time to replenish, they will burn out before they reach their goal.

 Ask for Help

Finally, every new entrepreneur will need a great support system. Family, friends, mentors, and colleagues should all be regular contacts. There will always be questions a business owner doesn’t know how to answer or terrible days that need to be talked over. From a trusted confidante to a business growth consultant, the successful entrepreneur keeps a strong network in place.