3 Ways to Use Stanchion Ropes

Ropes are used for a variety of purposes, such as tying down or hanging objects and event management. A stanchion is an upright post with a retractable belt which can be on the rope itself or on the post. When most people think of these ropes being used, they think of red velvet that commonly make appearances at highly-visible events. However, there are a variety of ways these ropes can be used every day. Here are three ways stanchion ropes can be used for your event.

Retail Crowd Control

Without a way to control the crowds at a register, a store can fall into chaos. It’s imperative to know who was first in line or people will inevitably cut in front of others, creating confusion and unrest. The cashier will be unable to control the situation if they too don’t know who was in line first. Even if there is peace among the customers, it will take much longer to check them out as the group must decide who is next. Crowd control ropes will allow for the customers to line up in order, avoiding such a problem. Additionally, these ropes will allow a store to place last-minute items up front where they may be able to make additional sales.

VIP Area

Whether it’s a club, a restaurant, or an event, there may be certain people that need to be placed in certain areas. VIP ropes can be used in a variety of ways to cordon off areas that are reserved for specific people. If you are hosting an event but don’t have an extra room to place the guest of honor or performer, you can cordon off an area with VIP ropes, providing them with an area to prepare. These ropes can even be used in parking areas. If you have valet parking, they can separate that area from self-parking. You can be assured that a parking spot reserved for a specific person will not be accidentally taken.

Create Space

There are certain times that extra space needs to be reserved for some reason. If someone is performing at ground level, it’s difficult to tell where the performance will take place. Ropes will allow for that area to be cordoned off so people will know where to gather. In other situations, such as filming, passersby may not know that the area is in use and could walk through the set. These ropes will alert people that the area needs to be clear.

There may be times where you need to seal off a certain area for a variety of reasons. Stanchion ropes are specifically designed for this purpose. These are three ways these ropes can be used to help with everyday events.

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