Ways to Save Money and Take Advantage of Custom Online Booklet Printing

Booklets are effective marketing tool, which is used to gain competitive edge. Users hold the booklets in their hands as a reference guide, so it’s printing needs to be of top-class quality. Booklet printing needs to make an impression of professionalism, quality and credibility.

Booklets are used as recruitment brochures, employee handbook, report guides, tailored magazines, colored magazines, tradeshow pamphlets, restaurant’s menu and more. They help to decrease marketing materials as every necessary information is placed in a single booklet. Event information like time, date, summaries, headlines and striking graphics can be compiled in one booklet.

Custom online booklet printing offers your business opportunities to gain advantages in several ways. You can lead the competition but make sure to find a printing firm that specializes in digital brochure printing.

Ways to take advantage of customized online brochure printing

  • Target special demographics – A booklet offers relevant facts about your products or services. Inside a single brochure, you can share plenty of information.
  • Appear different – With high quality colorful booklet printing you will never hesitate to compete but help to take advantage of distinguishing marketing material. For example, gloss or uncoated pages will make your brand message stand out amongst competitors.
  • Easily distributed – Booklets can be mailed directly to existing and potential clients with ease.
  • Saves time – Customers receive booklets faster because several traditional steps get eliminated including stuffing, sealing and posting.

How to save money on printed booklets?

Opt for standard paper sizes only

These are easily accessible, less costly and generates less waste. In the US standard sheet size is 8.5” x11”, whose printing cost will be cheaper for booklets or books.

Use black ink wherever possible

If booklet is for internal use in an organization as employee manual then color is not so significant. Without any concern have the cover and interior pages printed using black ink. Logos and images can be printed in grayscale. If the brochure is for marketing purpose then colored cover is crucial to grab attention as well as reveal professionalism. However, to save funds consider printing interior pages as much as possible in black ink.

Select colored paper for cover

Use of black ink on colorful paper is cheaper than complete color printing on a white paper. Depending on your business project, a parch-tone, subtle fleck pattern or solid hue can make prints from black ink look good. However, for promotional projects the cover of booklet needs to be in full color printing. This simple concept can enhance the appearance of your brochure, manual, menu or guide.

Search for ‘on demand printing’ feature

It is wise to get your booklets printed in a big batch to save on per brochure cost. However, large inventory means sizeable investment as well as handling and storage expense. It also prevents you from making changes in the booklet, if necessary. Today, you can search for ‘on demand printing’ feature, which means your provider will generate booklets as per your needs. Thus you gain flexibility by removing cost and risks related with outdated content. Your upfront cost also gets lowered. You can make adjustments to the brochure, whenever necessary.

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