The Latest Trends for Upholstery Fabrics in 2019

Several new trends are making waves in the upholstery industry this year. Designers and DIYers are experimenting with new colors, fabrics, and upholstery styles to help transform their living rooms from bland to bright. Here are just a few of the latest fabric colors and styles you’ll find trending at your local upholstery store in NYC.


Last year, paint manufacturers like Pantone and Sherwin-Williams promoted jewel-tone wall colors like Ultra Violet and Affinity Blue. Designers and interior decorators suggested pairing these wall colors with muted or organic upholstery fabrics and furniture. This year, however, the tables have turned as furniture designers are turning to jewel-tone fabrics to create stunning works of functional art for your living room. Emerald green, deep amethyst, sapphire blue–these are just a few of the most popular fabric colors gracing the upholstery scene in NYC. These colors make a bold statement, so it’s important to balance your room and wall colors accordingly. To incorporate these upholstery colors into your home, opt for muted wall colors like soft greys or gentle pastels. Use rose gold or brushed nickel accent pieces to tie the room together. Another unexpected color this year is pink. If jewel-tones are too bold for your style, pink can help soften the room while also adding warmth. Consider colors like blush, dusty rose, or salmon in a modern room with greige walls and dark wood accents. For dens and home offices, dark green is making a comeback this year. This color in leather with silver-studded accents and button tufting creates a regal look in your home office or study.        


Velvet continues to dominate the upholstery industry this year but on a larger scale. Last year, designers used velvet for pillows and throw blankets to add pop to your room, but this year, velvet is taking center stage. Far from the 1970s velvet-clad living room, this trend pairs nicely with both modern and retro-chic styles. Add a pop of color and visual appeal with velvet sofas and chaise longues in purple, emerald, or topaz.   

Sofa Styles

Complement your new fabrics and colors with a unique upholstery style like tufting. There are four different kinds of tufting: button, channel, diamond, and biscuit. Tufting will lend a vintage-inspired look to any room while adding visual appeal to your furniture.

For the latest fabrics and colors for your sofa or curtain upgrade, check out your local upholstery fabric store in NYC.

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