3 Things Successful Managers Do

A successful manager will be a great asset, not only to the company they currently work at, but to all future establishments as well, and quality management experience is invaluable. Successful management styles come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what your management approach is, there are three things that all successful managers have in common.


The first area where successful managers outdo their competition is in communication. Being an effective communicator isn’t just about speaking well, but about actively listening as well. A person who excels at managing will be one that encourages two-way feedback and is open to implementing changes in their own performance. They can take constructive criticism and give it as well.

A successful manager keeps in mind that each employee is unique and a variation of communication styles will work differently for each individual. They know their employees well, and what works and doesn’t work for them. Which employee is motivated by PTO, which employee is motivated by recognition, etc. They will be mindful that their excellence in interactions is not just limited to verbal communication, but will be effective in their emails, print, and text messages as well.  

Work Well with Others

Successful managers have integrity. They know that their employees, colleagues, and superiors expect them to be courteous, respectful, and honest. This cultivates an atmosphere of trust and encourages good interpersonal relationships which makes the work go smoothly.

A good manager is a leader. They lead by example and give their all. They encourage and inspire others to do their best as well. Even when stressful times happen, which they will, a desirable trait in a manager is the ability to remain calm and positive. The relationship between employee and manager is one of the main factors in employees’ overall happiness with their job.

Keep Learning

Lastly, a successful manager is someone who is constantly learning. They are open to new ideas, perspectives, and methods. They encourage employees to voice their suggestions, and are willing to try a new approach. They may even work with top management consulting firms to improve their own performance.

Working with top management consulting firms, attending seminars, reading books, or listening to podcasts are all examples of ways that a manager can help improve their management technique and application. They do not let a small setback deter them. They keep their eye on the big picture, and keep moving forward.

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