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Thriving in the Gig Economy

The idea of a job with regular hours and a decades-long career path is now a fantasy. Increasingly, young adults find themselves stringing together several freelance or independent contractor jobs to make ends meet. Many of them are branching out from services like Lyft, Postmates, or Task Rabbit into creating their own businesses.

An ever-growing segment of the work force is moving into working for themselves. They are taking advantage of a number of resources, from website building services to business growth consultant services. With some estimates putting the number of self-employed Americans at close to 42 million by 2020, it is even more important for budding entrepreneurs to learn to thrive.

Here are some tips from experts on how to thrive as an entrepreneur.

 Get Cozy with Risk

Any new endeavor has a certain amount of risk attached to it. Even a million dollar idea comes with the potential to fall flat. The most successful people are often the ones who have a clear understanding of risks and move ahead anyway.

 Cut Your Costs

The most successful business owners often spent the first couple of years living a bare bones existence. Some of them were even homeless for a period of time. In the first year of a new business, especially, experts recommend cultivating a lean lifestyle.

 Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

If an entrepreneur is unable to articulate the goals of the business, that business of much more likely to fail. Successful people can easily and clearly explain what they are trying to accomplish and make decisions based on that goal.

Believe in It

This may seem obvious. Why would anyone start a business if they didn’t believe in it? Being an entrepreneur will require a commitment of time, will, and effort unlike anything else. Without an unshakeable belief in the goals of the business, the commitment will dwindle and the business will fail.

 Keep Body, Mind, and Spirit Together

Schedule break time for yourself, and make a commitment to regular, healthy diet, sleep, and exercise. An entrepreneur may have the best idea and infectious enthusiasm, but without taking time to replenish, they will burn out before they reach their goal.

 Ask for Help

Finally, every new entrepreneur will need a great support system. Family, friends, mentors, and colleagues should all be regular contacts. There will always be questions a business owner doesn’t know how to answer or terrible days that need to be talked over. From a trusted confidante to a business growth consultant, the successful entrepreneur keeps a strong network in place.

How Employees Wearing Uniforms Could Be Beneficial For Your Company

Employees working in police stations, fire departments, factory etc. wear uniforms. These days many other companies and businessmen are trying to include uniforms in their workplaces. There are different types of corporate uniforms Melbourne including the button down shirt with the company’s logo embroidered on it or a one-piece suit. Read on to know whether it is best to include uniforms in your office.

They will make your workplace a little more professional. You could encourage your employees to wear a company t-shirt rather than casuals. The customers will believe that the employees are more loyal and committed towards the company.

Unified Image

They provide a consistent appearance to your company. If all the employees are wearing the same dress, it will provide a unified image to your company. When the customers approach your retail store, they could easily identify the salesmen for assistance. This will increase your standard in the market. Moreover, it will provide a sense of unity among the staff members.

It will provide security in your workplace. If you are working in high industrial settings, your suit will protect you from chemicals, flame, and many other dangers. Similarly, if you are an electrician, these suits will protect you from electric shock. As you are working in uniform instead of your clothes, you could protect them from dirt and dust.

No Need to Enforce Dress Code in the Company

There are many companies, which do not allow their employees to wear certain types of clothes. Hence, they usually set a dress code to avoid any inconvenience. Many employees feel the pressure to keep up with the latest fashion trends and compete with their colleagues. Some of them try to increase their social status with their outfit. You could avoid such situations by enforcing uniforms. Now, you do not need to spend lots of money on fashionable outfits when the company is providing uniforms at low cost.

The uniform will provide the right exposure to your company. When you walk on the streets wearing this uniform, it will advertise your business. In this way, you could draw more clients or even remind your existing clients about your services and products.

Why the Companies are Switching Over to Uniforms

Large corporations as well as small-scale companies are following these trends of wearing uniforms. If you wear casuals, it will provide a creative and casual ambience to your corporate office. Many believe that it will also increase the profit of your company. However, this is not the case. Most of the customers believe that this casual approach is lackadaisical attitude. If you are wearing a casual dress when an unexpected client visits your office, it will provide an unfavorable impression of them.

Many small-scale companies believe that buying uniform for the employees is a big expense. However, it is one time investment, which will provide you brilliant results in future. Moreover, you could search for the manufacturers and suppliers, which could provide you discount for bulk orders.

How To Redesign Your Business Logo Without Changing Much?

OK. So you want to change your business identity or your business logo. There are a few tricks which can help you redesign your business logo into a more influential, yet catchy custom logo design. Following these easty and useful steps you can completely give a new impact to your existing logo.

1. Change the Color of your Custom Logo Design

The changing of colors represent the ongoing progress of your business. For example, at the start of your business, the color of your business logo might be red, which is the color of zeal and zest. However, after around 10 years of your business establishment, the color of your business logo can be green (if it has reached the goals) or yellow (if it has started the journey towards new goals). So by studying the physchology behind each color you can incorporate them to express the new meaning to your brand. The best example are the tech companies who use to express them eco friendly by just incorporating the green color in their existing logo.

2. Use Vector Graphic Applications to Customize or Redesign the Logo

In the old days, most of the logos had raster graphics, due to which, the designers had to reproduce the logo for different sizes. However, now there are many vector graphic applications available to produce the vector logos. The pixels of these custom logos do not lose balance even if they are zoomed upto 1500%. This is why a similar design is used for business cards, website, bill boards, penaflex and hoardings.

3. Produce Alternative Trendy Custom Logo

For a new business, using a trendy custom logo design is necessary since it has yet to build the identity in the global corporate world. However, if you have already developed a corporate identity and your business can be considered as a trend-setter now you can produce a new custom logo online that can challenge a trend. Research is required in both the cases. Research well about the prevailing logo trends and develop a totally different and alternate logo.

4. Try it Yourself

You might have rendered the services of some logo designer while designing your first business logo. However, now, it is the time to trust in your own designing skills. Your business is an established name, and even if you produce a childish flower logo, it will still be appreciated by the outside world due to your importance in the corporate world. However, remember to add sense to your custom logo.

Managed IT Services For Small Businesses

Interest in managed IT services has grown considerably in the last couple of years, especially among small businesses. Companies with just a couple full-time employees and limited IT budgets are trying to find a way to harness the full power of what the latest innovations in technology can offer them.

However, they realize that they can benefit from the help of IT professionals along the way. Hiring a managed IT services provider is a better choice for small businesses when compared to the alternatives, like relying on limited in-house IT staff or using a local IT services provider whenever they have a problem or need advice.

Chicago managed IT service providers are now focusing on the small business sector, offering affordable and flexible solutions built with the needs of small businesses in mind. Here are some of the top advantages of managed IT for small businesses:

Lower Labor Costs

Hiring your own IT staff can be an expensive and time consuming process. Not many small businesses have the budget for a fully staffed IT department that is available around the clock to provide any needed service or support.

When you use a managed IT provider, you instantly get a team of IT experts working for you. They can provide any service that you need, such as helping you choose the right technologies to grow your business or provide technical support for your existing IT infrastructure.

Expert Assistance Whenever You Need It

Managed IT plans give you access to business technology experts around the clock, ready to assist you and your users in every way. This can range from simple online helpdesk support, all the way to on-site disaster recovery and network management or health monitoring.

Your IT service partner will have many different service plans that you can choose from, ranging from the most basic to more advanced ones. That way, whether your IT needs are very basic or more complex, you can always count on them to provide the 24/7 assistance you need.

Reduced Downtime and Business Risks

In today’s world, there are many IT security risks that small and medium-sized businesses face. These include malware, malicious hackers and other types of security breaches. New IT security threats appear on a regular basis.

By using managed IT services, small business owners can reduce their exposure to these risks. IT experts can come up with a plan that will keep your business protected from both common and uncommon threats. They can also create and implement a data backup and disaster recovery strategy that mitigates the downtime caused by data loss from a security intrusion or equipment failure. If something goes wrong, your IT services partner will be there to get you back up and running faster than you would have ever imagined.

Ability to Focus on Your Main Business Tasks

When you get an IT services partner, you get the ability to outsource many IT-related tasks that you were previously doing yourself. This can include maintaining servers and workstations, performing software and operating system updates, troubleshooting problems and so on.

You save time and can now focus on tasks that are more important to you and that will actually help your business grow.