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Tips to Make Purchasing Office Furniture and Equipment Affordable

Owning and operating a business can come with a hefty price tag. If you own your business are in charge of purchasing at your organization, you know that better than anybody. You may be looking for some good ways to save money and make equipping and furnishings more affordable. Here are great ideas to help take the sting out of buying the essential equipment and office furniture in Fairbanks, AK.

Conduct an Audit

The first thing you’ll want to do (and continue doing each year or more often) is to conduct an audit on your office equipment and furniture. Note what supplies and equipment your business currently has, where they’re located, and who has access to them. This will give you some good ideas as to where you can cut back as well as ideas to find deals on products you use most often.

Sign a Contract

Purchasing your office supplies and furnishings through a contract with a vendor may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your purchases each year. Most vendors will offer discounts to business owners who purchase equipment through their contract. If you choose to enter a contract with an office equipment and supplies vendor, be sure you’re not buying more than what your business will actually use every month.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

You can certainly save money by purchasing cheap low-priced furniture, but at what cost? By choosing high quality furniture, you minimize the risk of having furniture that falls apart. If you’re purchasing cheap furniture but replacing it more frequently, then your cheap office furniture is going to be a lot more expensive than just what you initially paid for it. By buying quality pieces that you can use for a significantly longer time, you’ll ultimately save money.

Do Your Shopping Online

There are probably great office supply stores in your area, and they might have some great deals. However, by doing your shopping online, you can compare products across websites to find the best price for the products you want. Shopping online is also convenient so you can shop on your own time from wherever you are.

As a business owner, you know how easily monthly office expenses can cost. Office furniture and equipment may account for one of the largest expenses you likely have. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make these purchases less expensive while still getting the great quality office furniture in Fairbanks, AK.

Affordable Repair on Your Luxury Car

Many people devote most of their income to necessities like food, housing, clothing, etc. Those people may splurge on occasion for a fancy dinner, or nice piece of jewelry. Some people though, will devote some of their earnings to owning a luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles can be a status symbol for many, but are not cheap, and once purchased continue to accrue costs for normal upkeep and repair. It is important for owners of luxury vehicles to maintain their investments at mechanic shops that know how to properly care for the vehicle they purchased. Jaguars are one type of luxury vehicle that require the appropriate upkeep of the vehicle to ensure its longevity. For those customers looking for Jaguar repair in Houston, TX, this article explores tips on finding a shop that can properly maintain a luxury vehicle of this type.

Certified Technicians

It is important when looking for a Jaguar repair shop in Houston, TX, to make sure you find one that has highly trained and certified technicians. If you have spent the money on owning a luxury vehicle, you want to ensure that anyone working on it is trained in the appropriate maintenance of the vehicle. It is also worthwhile to find a repair shop that has mechanics who have been working on your vehicle type for many years. Longevity in vehicle repair means someone with an extensive skillset is assessing and repairing the vehicle.

Meeting Your Car Repair Needs

Once you have located a shop that is qualified in jaguar repair in Houston, TX, you want to evaluate the shop to see what other services that they can provide that set them above other shops. Some shops go above and beyond for the customer, and make them feel as if they are a valued customer and not just a number. Look for shops that offer discounts for returning customers, or discounts for bundling repair needs. Car repairs can be expensive, and while the luxury of the car demands quality care, that many are willing to pay for, it doesn’t hurt to find a shop that is willing to work with customers in other ways to save costs. Some shops may be willing to offer free labor for minor services, like oil changes, knowing that perks like those will entice the car owner to use the shop for other services as well.

Benefits of a Live Call Answering Service

In today’s business climate, customers expect a lot more from companies than ever before. Specifically, when they have a question or concern and place a call, they want someone to answer. A live call answering service can be a major asset to your business, especially if you experience large call volumes. Consider these two advantages of adding a service like this to your company.

Extension of Business Hours

An answering service allows your customer to have more extensive business hours than it currently offers. If your company is open 8 AM to 5 PM, a live answering service can fill the time between 5 PM and 8 AM. Unfortunately, not all customer problems happen during typical business hours. After hours, with a live calling answering service, they can have their problems heard and resolved.

Adding this service to your business can also help you accommodate customers throughout the nation and world. Customers in different time zones are still able to reach a representative of your company. They can speak to an actual person and get real-time answers instead of leaving a voicemail or sending an email.

Better Response for Customers

When customers call your company, they want someone to answer their calls. They are likely not interested in an automatic system like a voice response unit or simply being sent to voicemail. A live answering service means that a real person is on the other end of a phone call from a customer. These representatives can answer questions, guide customers, and notify management of an important call if necessary.

The customer experience can be elevated with live answering. Customers will feel that they are important and being listened to when they interact with a live call representative. When customers can have the questions and conferences addressed upon calling your company, they are sure to have a better overall experience. Happier customers are more loyal, spend more money with your company, and refer you products and services to others.

If customer service is important to your company, a live call answering service may be a good investment. With this answering service, you are able to extend your hours for customers as well as enhance their overall experience. Companies that have phones ringing off the hook may be able to utilize this service during the day as well to field calls and protect the time of its employees.

How Can You Use Your Health Savings Account (HSA) For Your Retirement?

In the past few years, a lot of new retirement savings schemes have been launched in the market. One of them is a health savings account (HSA) that helps in paying for a long-term care insurance and medical expenses for retirement years. The best part of this plan is that it provides tax benefits to a person. This plan is the best option for those who have got high-deductible health schemes for paying “out of pocket” medical expenses. To effectively reap the benefits of this plan, you need to learn about the right way to use it.

Why should employees use an HSA for Retirement?

The triple tax advantage of HSA investments makes it the best way to save for retirement. As per a recent story published in “The Wall Street Journal”, Health Saving Accounts are “the most tax preferred saving account available in the US.” Use of this scheme to save for medical expenses incurred on retirement is better than other retirement accounts.”

What are those factors that make an HSA good retirement option to be considered?

HSA is a budget friendly option when compared to other retirement options. It provides an easy and robust way to fund retirement of a person. When compared with other retirement plans, HSA provides several attractive and useful features that make it an ideal option for people.

  • All the contributions that you make to your HSA plan can be made through payroll deductions, and from other forms of your savings. Any contributions that are made by your employer is not counted as your taxable income.
  • One of the best parts of this account is that the balance of the account grows in a tax-free manner. Any type of dividends, interest, or capital gains that are earned are not subjected to tax.
  • Any type of withdrawal done for qualified medical expense is completely tax-free. This makes HSA superior to other conventional retirement scheme like IRA or 401(k). An HSA scheme does not require the account-holder to begin funds withdrawal at a specific age. You can keep this account untouched for any period of time. You will not be permitted to contribute once you reach the age of 65 years.
  • As HSA belongs to the investor and not the employer. So, this account remains active even if the investor changes his job. This implies that the account is completely portable and goes everywhere with you.

Who are eligible to open an HSA?

To qualify for opening an HSA on your name, you need to fulfill a set of eligibility criteria. It must be a “high-deductible health scheme” and not any other type of health insurance/ Medicare. Also, you must not be a dependent on tax return of someone else.


Consumers who meet the eligibility criteria for this saving account but have not opened one on their name are losing an incredible opportunity to fund their later years. HSA money is a great advantage for all investors as it provides the tax exemption on all withdrawals made to this fund. By providing highest tax value it is the most affordable means to fund medical expenses.

Ways to Save Money and Take Advantage of Custom Online Booklet Printing

Booklets are effective marketing tool, which is used to gain competitive edge. Users hold the booklets in their hands as a reference guide, so it’s printing needs to be of top-class quality. Booklet printing needs to make an impression of professionalism, quality and credibility.

Booklets are used as recruitment brochures, employee handbook, report guides, tailored magazines, colored magazines, tradeshow pamphlets, restaurant’s menu and more. They help to decrease marketing materials as every necessary information is placed in a single booklet. Event information like time, date, summaries, headlines and striking graphics can be compiled in one booklet.

Custom online booklet printing offers your business opportunities to gain advantages in several ways. You can lead the competition but make sure to find a printing firm that specializes in digital brochure printing.

Ways to take advantage of customized online brochure printing

  • Target special demographics – A booklet offers relevant facts about your products or services. Inside a single brochure, you can share plenty of information.
  • Appear different – With high quality colorful booklet printing you will never hesitate to compete but help to take advantage of distinguishing marketing material. For example, gloss or uncoated pages will make your brand message stand out amongst competitors.
  • Easily distributed – Booklets can be mailed directly to existing and potential clients with ease.
  • Saves time – Customers receive booklets faster because several traditional steps get eliminated including stuffing, sealing and posting.

How to save money on printed booklets?

Opt for standard paper sizes only

These are easily accessible, less costly and generates less waste. In the US standard sheet size is 8.5” x11”, whose printing cost will be cheaper for booklets or books.

Use black ink wherever possible

If booklet is for internal use in an organization as employee manual then color is not so significant. Without any concern have the cover and interior pages printed using black ink. Logos and images can be printed in grayscale. If the brochure is for marketing purpose then colored cover is crucial to grab attention as well as reveal professionalism. However, to save funds consider printing interior pages as much as possible in black ink.

Select colored paper for cover

Use of black ink on colorful paper is cheaper than complete color printing on a white paper. Depending on your business project, a parch-tone, subtle fleck pattern or solid hue can make prints from black ink look good. However, for promotional projects the cover of booklet needs to be in full color printing. This simple concept can enhance the appearance of your brochure, manual, menu or guide.

Search for ‘on demand printing’ feature

It is wise to get your booklets printed in a big batch to save on per brochure cost. However, large inventory means sizeable investment as well as handling and storage expense. It also prevents you from making changes in the booklet, if necessary. Today, you can search for ‘on demand printing’ feature, which means your provider will generate booklets as per your needs. Thus you gain flexibility by removing cost and risks related with outdated content. Your upfront cost also gets lowered. You can make adjustments to the brochure, whenever necessary.

The Job of a Radiologist

Radiology is the science dealing with X-rays and other type of radiation, specifically as it relates to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. As the science expands, experts in the field keep up to date through a regular radiology continuing education course and review of the literature. But what do they do every day at work?

 Basic Information

A radiologist is a medical doctor. They specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases using medical imaging (radiology) procedures (exams/tests) such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasound.

In addition to medical school and residencies, radiologists must train and keep up to date on the latest imaging technology. Since many of the technologies use radiation, a radiologist must also receive training in radiation safety and protection.

 Accreditation and Licensing

In addition to graduating from medical school, a radiologist must pass a licensing exam and complete about four years of post-graduate training. This specialized training includes topics like: radiation safety, the effects of radiation on the body, and interpretation of medical imaging.

Radiologists will then work in a facility that also has appropriate licensure. The American College of Radiology (ACR) is the licensing organization for imaging facilities. They oversee the education and training standards for radiologists.

 Typical Day

As with any healthcare profession, there is no such thing as a “typical day” for a radiologist. They do tend to work a regular schedule, however, with set and predictable work hours. Their daily tasks may include:

  • Gathering patient health histories from interviews, electronic records, other physicians, or reports
  • Performing imaging procedures for patients using appropriate technology
  • Reviewing and interpreting the information gathered from these imaging procedures
  • Preparing reports of findings
  • Delivering the results to physicians and patients

In addition to tasks related to imaging, radiologists may also perform some interventional procedures, such as an image-guided biopsy. In larger teaching hospitals, they may supervise medical students as well.


Radiology is itself a specialty field, and radiologists can choose to further specialize in that field. Some physicians choose to focus on sports-related imaging, or on radiation oncology, the treatment of cancer through radiation. The American Board of Radiology defines and oversees a growing list of specialties in the profession.

Beyond and through each day of work, a radiologist is on the lookout for a good radiology continuing education course. They must complete a certain number of continuing education hours to keep their license current, and the ever-changing technology provides a long list of potential topics. The job has moved beyond the basic dictionary definition to a nuanced and cutting-edge field of medicine.

3 Telltale Signs of PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common result of any traumatic incident that has happened to a person. While many believe only armed services veterans suffer from it, it can actually affect anyone who has been through an abusive situation, a vehicular accident, or any other incident that affects a person.

Luckily, you can find a PTSD treatments center for those who suffer from PTSD. If you aren’t sure if you or someone you love has PTSD, check out these three telltale signs that treatment is necessary.

 1. Anxiety

While there are many causes of anxiety, PTSD is a common culprit. This is especially true if the anxiety is connected to any type of memory of the incident that could have caused PTSD. For example, if you have been in a car accident, you may find that you have high levels of anxiety when you get into a vehicle. Whether or not you are the driver, PTSD can cause driving anxiety. If you find that you are incredibly anxious when you get into a vehicle, consider seeking professional help to get to the root of the problem. You may find that PTSD is affecting you.

 2. Disinterest

Many times, PTSD sufferers lose interest in things that they once loved. While many may write this disinterest off as a form of depression (which should not go untreated), it can actually be a telltale sign that you or someone you love is suffering from PTSD. If you notice that you or your loved one is losing interest in more and more things, it is probably time to seek professional help. This disinterest can lead to deep depression and even suicidal thoughts. Going to a treatment center can help you or your loved one work through the issues causing the disinterest and overcome the PTSD symptoms they are facing.

 3. Memory Loss

For those who suffer extreme cases of PTSD, they may find that they suffer from memory loss. This is often because those suffering try to bury the memories of the traumatic events deep enough to keep them out of their conscious minds. While many think that this is a way of coping with the pain of the traumatic event, it can actually cause a lot of other issues. When suppressing memories occurs, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts that the sufferer cannot pinpoint the cause of.

There are a lot of causes of PTSD, but finding a PTSD treatments center can help you or your loved one overcome the disorder and get well again.

3 Ways to Save Money Online

If you love shopping online, you know that there can be some pricey places. However, you also know that a great deal isn’t too far away. If you are a bargain shopper who is willing to go to several different stores to find the best price, you know that this can be a little exhausting.

This year, when it comes to shopping online, you are ready to save as much money as possible. Whether you love Amazon or stores like ShopBop, there are a lot of ways you can save a little extra. If you aren’t sure how to save money online, check out these three ways you can start today.

 1. Clearance Sections

Many online stores have clearance sections. Check the drop menus or search for clearance sections in the search bars. While many online clearance sections have limited stock on the things you are looking for, you may find that they have your sizes, colors, and brands that you really want. Spending a little extra time looking at the prices in the clearance sections of online stores can save you a lot of money.

 2. Save on Shipping

Many online stores offer free shipping. They may have you become a member in order to receive rewards like this. However, most stores don’t require you to sign up to get free shipping. As a matter of fact, many larger companies offer free shipping for online purchases if you spend a certain amount of money. While this is a little trick they use to get you to buy a little more, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Shipping is rather expensive, so finding free shipping is very much like finding additional sale prices. Make sure you do the math to ensure you’re getting the best deal before you order.

 3. Online Coupons

If you sign up for eNewsletters, you should check your inbox to see if there are any coupons available to you. If the store you love doesn’t have coupons, be sure to check out coupon websites that offer savings at the online stores that you love. Some coupons that you find online can only be used in stores, so be sure to check the fine print.

Whether you love Amazon or stores like ShopBop, there are a lot of ways to save money online. You can find clearance sections, save on shipping, or find online coupon codes.

How to Expand Your Medical Knowledge in 2019

As a medical professional, it’s always important to learn more about your industry and new health trends that are popping up every year. To expand your medical knowledge in 2019, there are many ways to do so, from taking hematology CME courses to head back to college and attend industry workshops.

Take Continuing Medical Education Courses

Continuing medical education courses are a great way to expand your medical knowledge this year. By taking hematology CME classes, you can learn more about the study of blood, which is incredibly useful if you work in a hospital. Plus, what better way to propel your career than adding CME courses to your resume? Some medical professionals even experience a pay hike as well with their continued education.

Volunteer Your Time at Local Hospitals

Another way you can expand your medical knowledge in 2019 is to volunteer your time at local hospitals. Although this can be challenging if you have a tight schedule with your own work spending time volunteering with other doctors can be a great asset to your career and skill set. To begin your volunteer work, you should contact local hospitals in your area and see if there are any open shifts for volunteers.

Attend Industry Workshops and Lectures

Although it may not be the most exciting experience, you can learn more about the medical industry and health trends this year by attending industry workshops and lectures. Unfortunately, these typically aren’t free, but you can find local ones for affordable costs. Plus, your workplace might even sponsor you to attend some, which will not only benefit their workplace but your career as well.

Head Back to College

This may be the most expensive option to expand your medical knowledge in 2019, but an effective way to give your career a boost is to head back to college. Taking medical courses at a local college or university can help increase your industry knowledge and skill set this year, which will help you better serve your patients. However, don’t forget about enrolling in scholarships and financial aid to help you pay for expensive classes!

There are many ways you can expand your medical knowledge in 2019, from taking hematology CME courses and volunteering your time at hospitals to heading back to college. Hopefully, with help from the suggestions above, you can have a much easier time improving your medical skill set this year. Get started today by taking CME courses and attending workshops today.

Are You Interested to Buy Custom Spare Parts for Your Car?

It is known to all of us that machine parts cannot last forever. Therefore, whenever we buy a car, car suppliers provide the buyers a guaranty of availability of spare parts, whenever you will need them. Usually, most of the car owners budget only for insurance, gasoline, and other car payments.

However very few people ever consider expensive repairs and maintenance that are also involved. However careful you may be, at some point of time, you will need to buy a spare part. Hence, when there is a need for any new car parts, you need to ensure that you have practiced due diligence while making your choice.

Also, at the same time, you must ensure that you can save lot of your hard-earned money by purchasing genuine parts at the right price. In this short write-up, we are providing few tips while you are searching for any car parts.

  1. Compare the price

If you want to avoid paying more money, you need to determine the right market rate for any of the spare parts of the car. So, do an online search, before buying that part. Do the comparison of price from different suppliers and select right parts that you can afford.

2.Confirm their warranty dates

Whether you decide to buy from online or any local store, you must always check that parts that you are buying also has certain warranty. Also, you need to look about the parts whether they have any kind of defects or problem for installing. This will enable you to get a free replacement along with technical support too from the manufacturers.

3.Do proper inspection of the parts

When you buy a clutch, tire, battery, or any battery component, you must check thoroughly prior installation. In addition, try to make sure that you need not contact the same seller again.

4.Consider any aftermarket car parts too

From dealers, you are fully assured of getting original spare parts but if you take your car to any independent shop, then the product offered is usually aftermarket car parts. These parts are not sourced from the carmaker. There are few companies that make such parts to provide similar function like the original and few can also be better than any original product too.

5 Locate any reliable source for car parts

Try to find any reliable source from where you can get genuine parts at the right price so that you can get better value for your money. Also ensure their quality too.

Acquiring genuine Ford certified parts and service specials for your car has never been so easy. This provides you great relief as you need not worry while sourcing the parts. You can be rest-assured that the parts will fit your car. Therefore, in order to ensure that your car is now at the right and capable hands of any of the trusted parts dealers, these tips will prove to be useful for you.